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19 Flamerule 1372 (Early morning) - kronk9
19 Flamerule 1372 (Early morning)
Orc blood is sticky. Hard to clean from hands.

Durth's body sank in River Rauvin. Good riddance.

Too bad it not stay there. Dead bodies bloat if not weighted down. But Kronk not have time to weight body. People on streets, even at this hour. And someone else was watching Kronk...I could feel it.

Kronk never did find Drow person.

So Kronk dragged Durth's body to river. Durth always like himself, enough to be sure there plenty of him around. Must be thirty pounds overweight. Not easy to drag. Couldn't farking fight, either. Too bad for him.

Kronk leave place where dump Durth. Move through shadows, find another spot at river, try to wash blood off of hands. It dark, nearly black. And it sticks to hands.

Someone in Silverwood will find him tomorrow. His body wash on shore, maybe animals start to eat it, somebody sees it, talk to guards in Everlund. They look for someone to blame. They find dead half-orc, they look for other half-orc. They find Kronk.

But Kronk not doing anything. Not that they can prove. Maybe they lock Kronk up anyway. Happens. But they not keep him.

And word drift through land, across Evermoors. And after while, Ugurth hear his bootlicker dead. Ugurth not care kobold's tit about Durth. Another half-breed slave for him to order around. But Ugurth smarter than Kronk. If his bootlicker slave was killed, he want to know why. He might send other orcs to learn what happened.

That would happen. But only after while. Ugurth not send orcs right away. Give Kronk time to leave. Maybe get gold-haired elf to leave, too. Kronk can't protect city. But maybe Kronk can protect Thralia.

Two half-elves walk by, singing something. It sound bad; not nice like Thralia. They see Kronk. I stand up; Kronk a good head taller than both of them. They stop singing for moment, go different way, start singing again.

Kronk should get out of here.

Walking back to Friendly Dwarf, I think of Ugurth. Kronk's brother. Half-brother: Ugurth a true orc, not son of orc father and some half-elven captive. That Kronk's real mother. A prisoner from orc raid, made pregnant by Kronk's father and killed after she give birth. Kronk's father want heir. Orc woman who say she Kronk's mother thought she could not have child. But she wrong. Ugurth born four years after Kronk. Not care much about Kronk after that.

There is dog outside of Friendly Dwarf. No, not dog. Wolf. Who let wolf inside town?

But this wolf have shiny coat. Is young. Not shy of people inside town. Someone's pet.

It growl a little. Kronk offer hand. Wolf sniffs hand, begins to lick blood. Durth's blood. Wolf is female, friendly. That good. Kronk like friendly animals.

Upstairs, Kronk take up post outside sun-elf's door. I hear someone inside. Is sun-elf in danger? Should Kronk not have left her alone?

But voice not sound like struggle...she might be doing something else. Kronk not want to bother her, but...I raise hand to knock on door.

Door open before I knock. Thralia stand there in thin robe, with gold trim, like hair. She look nice. Very nice. Kronk shake head.

"Kronk is back. Thralia is okay?"

Thralia smile. It look like sun shining. "I am fine, Kronk." She saw me look around room. "I was just speaking with...a little bird."

"Little bird?"

She nodded. "Yes, a little bird. And while I was talking with her, you were outside my door all night, weren't you?"

What was going on? "No, Kronk was --"

"NO. As far as *I* know, you've been outside my door all night, guarding me. Isn't that right?" She gave me hard look.

Kronk not that smart. But smart enough. "How did you...?"

Thralia closed door. She turned and smiled again. "A little bird told me."

I smile. "Yes. Kronk guarding all night."

Thralia take Kronk's hand. There was no blood there anymore.

She tilt head towards bed. "Well...maybe not *all* night."

Current Location: Everlund
Current Mood: relieved relieved

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dandycat From: dandycat Date: January 15th, 2007 08:24 pm (UTC) (Link)
Nice. Planning on attending the wedding, eh? If you follow Ralenthra's next entry, you'll know that Thralia will have to be in town at least through the afternoon and you will also note that Thralia has been invited to the Wedding (she will be performing as well), which will be taking place at Grandfather Tree in the High Forest on the 23rd, which means she shouldn't arrive any later than the evening of the 22nd.

Two half-elves walk by, singing something. It sound bad; not nice like Thralia. They see Kronk. I stand up; Kronk a good head taller than both of them. They stop singing for moment, go different way, start singing again.
Is this important or referencing something? Just curious.
vaudy From: vaudy Date: January 18th, 2007 05:04 pm (UTC) (Link)
It occurs to me that elves get around a lot. And I don't mean traveling.

Good stuff, are you going to do another post for the next day?
2 comments or Leave a comment