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19 Flamerule 1372 (Evening) - kronk9
19 Flamerule 1372 (Evening)
Kronk leave Everlund before sunset. Head west.

After third dram mythal, bartender cut Kronk off. Okay thing. Much more and Kronk can't walk. Not walk too good anyway.

Time to leave town. Guards coming around, still wanting to know about Durth. Ask Kronk questions. Too many questions. Not arrest Kronk. That good. But Kronk not like questions.

Time to go.

Downriver Gate goes east. Towards Evermoors. Towards Ugurth? Good idea to go through Downriver Gate? Kronk not know. Kronk too drunk to think straight.

East. Towards Ugurth. Towards Serd.

Away from Thralia.

Yeah. It good direction to go. Kronk go through gate. Pass guards, they look at Kronk funny, but not stop him.

Kronk need to find Ugurth. Not like him sending people after Kronk. He supposed to be dead anyway.

Maybe Kronk have to make sure.

Some of Everlund outside wall. At Downriver Gate, that very true. There docks, laundry, town guardhouse, small market, couple bars. Kronk rub head. Not need another bar.

There many people in street here. Not sure how many; dram mythal make you see things sometimes. Like great big orc in middle of street ahead.

Just the dram mythal. Better to ignore him.

Kronk try and walk by dram mythal orc. But dram mythal orc not go away. Other people on street draw back. Just the dram mythal.

Kronk nearly run into dram mythal orc when he speak.

"If it isn't the halfblood." He speak in orcish. Kronk turn around and see four more orcs. Two of them Kronk know. Servants of Ugurth. Look back at dram mythal orc, recognize him.

"Akmun." Durth's older half-brother. Full orc, like Ugurth. "What you doing here?"

"Came to find my brother's killer. We heard about the dead orc found downriver. What a surprise to find you here."

Other orcs circle around Kronk. "Ugurth will pay us good coin if we bring back his half-brother."

Kronk look around. Nobody want see orc fight. Street empty now. Or look that way; vision still blurry.

Kronk turn back to Akmun. "Why Ugurth care about Kronk so much?"

"Don't know. Don't care. But he's gotten obsessed with you. And it good for us."

They draw out weapons. "Of course, it's maybe a day's journey to Ugurth's current camp. You might get a little...damaged...along the way." Akmun frown. "Durth was family, you know."

Kronk not want to fight. Dram mythal still playing with head. But Kronk not have choice.

Then I get idea.

"Alright. You want to take Kronk, Kronk go with you. But I show you something first."

Kronk reach under shirt, pull out fist, turn towards Akmun. He look at fist. I open empty hand, and hit him in face with elbow.

Akmun stagger back, Kronk lower head and plow into him before others can do anything. I knock Akmun over, spin around with axe in hand. Others are already around Kronk, axes and swords flashing, sound of metal on metal. It been while since Kronk heard that sound. Almost a week.

Kronk miss it.

Kronk have one advantage in fight: they trying not to hit each other. Kronk can hit anyone.

And I do.

Fight go on for a while. Kronk manage to knock out one orc, but others still going strong.

Then Akmun hit Kronk on shoulder with sword, and I feel it down to bones.

Bad move. It make Kronk angry. Everything from last several days...everyone who was hurt...everyone Kronk hurt...Serd...Durth...Thralia...it all go through Kronk's head. I feel rage. I go into frenzy, swinging axe at anything that moves. Orcs only trying to knock Kronk out before. Not any more. They give it back.

Kronk panting now, angry. "You...not...take...Kronk!!"

Before Kronk know it, other orcs laying on ground. All dead.

Except Akmun. He on ground, left leg hanging at funny angle. Gasping. He look up at Kronk.


Kronk still panting. "Where...Ugurth?"


Kronk lower axe, grab front of his shirt. "You say it only day's journey to his camp. But Durth say he west of Evermoors...half a tenday's trip. Which is it?"

Akmun start to laugh. "Durth...he could fark up a square knot. Never could...keep things straight. Ugurth already on move...towards High Forest. Going towards...Olostin's Hold...probably already there."

Olostin's Hold. Where Thralia headed. "Why?"

"Who knows? Ugurth make his own plans." He shake head. "Kill me if you want...Ugurth will find you....and anything you care for..." He gasp a little, look at Kronk. "...he'll take it away."

Kronk lift axe. "It not matter to you." Axe comes down on his head.

I drop to knees, still panting. Blood all over street. All over axe. All over Kronk. Feel sick. Feel great.

"Drop the weapon! Now!!"

I look up. Three Everlund guards around Kronk and the bodies, swords drawn, one with wand in hand.

Kronk drop axe.

Current Location: Downriver Gate
Current Mood: enraged enraged

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