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19 Flamerule 1372 (continued) - kronk9
19 Flamerule 1372 (continued)
Ivellios is tall for half-elf, bronze skin. Face kind of tired looking. Stands looking at us, arms folded. "And what have I walked into here?" he say.

Serd and Kronk not know what to do. Then Serd raise wand. "No sudden moves."

Ivellios not look scared. "That is a healing wand."

Serd shrug, lower wand. "Figured these yokels wouldn't know the difference."

"Indeed. It's a poor reflection on me that my guards are so ignorant. But I can tell the difference."

He glance at Kronk. "I was coming around to tell them to cut the half-orc loose. I found a witness to the attack who saw the whole thing. There seems no question that Mr. Kronk here was ambushed. I can't say I care for the number dead orcs turning up around Everlund in the last few days, but I don't think this one is a part of whatever's going on."

Serd relax. "Well, how generous of you. That being the case, we'll just be moseying along..."

"On the other hand," Ivellios keep talking, "I believe he's still wanted in Winter Edge. And Mornbryn's Sheild." He turn to face Serd. "And in fact, I think you, Serd of the Clan Amakiir -- I have the name right, yes? -- are wanted in all of those places as well. And Beliard. And that's leaving out requests to talk with you from the Dragon Coast, Waterdeep, Chondath, and Cormyr, where I believe you're wanted for...regicide?"

Serd roll eyes. "Pff. Win one little duel with the third nephew of a duke, and things get blown alllll out of proportion."

Ivellios look like he want to smile, then stop. "Still, it's a late night, and I'd be inclined to turn a blind eye. But then I walk in and find the two of you breaking out of my own jail, and I --"

Kronk hit him on neck with handle of axe. Ivellios fall in heap. Turn to Serd.

"Serd talk too much."

He take sword. "Aye, it's not the first time my voice has gotten me into a fix." Looks at Ivellios on floor. "You know, I think he was going to let us go."

"Kronk not take chances."

"I hope you didn't hit him too hard."

I shrug. "Still breathing."

We leave through front door. "Well, I suppose he'll be --" We hear voices coming. Other guards. Serd and Kronk duck around corner.

Gnome with pipe talking to human. "So the gnome says to the troll, 'Well, if THIS is your daughter, what happened to my mule?'"

"Acch, Ivor," human say, "that joke wasn't even funny the first fifty -- ye gods, what happened here?" They rush inside.

We stay in shadows, moving down street. Go into stable across the street, about block away. Inside, there two horses, both harnessed and tied to stalls. They not like strangers, seem nervous. Kronk try quiet them, but horses scared of half-orc.

Serd stay at edge of window, watching jail.

"Why we hide?"

"Because," Serd say, "they'll be rousting the local militia soon enough and organizing a search party, on the lookout for a dashing human swordsman and his ugly monster sidekick."

"Serd mean ugly human and handsome monster."

Serd nod. "Quite right. Don't know how I got mixed up about that." He not look away from window.

"We should run."

"And get how far, with a dozen people beating the brush? They're not going to be happy now, not after somebody knocked out the guard captain." He turn to Kronk. "And what was that when I first came in there, calling me by name? Sure'n you nearly blew my great escape plan."

Chestnut horse near Kronk whinny. Kronk pat it, try to calm it down.

"Some plan. Serd hold up guards with healing wand?"

He pull wand out, look at it. "It's what I could get my hands on in a hurry." Tosses it away. "Thing's out of charges, anyway."

"How Serd get wand inside jail, anyhow?"

He give Kronk hard look. "Now THAT'S offensive. You know better than to ask me a question like that." Serd shake head. "Can't be giving away all my tricks, now can I?'


"Shh! Stop your voker!" He turn back to window. Kronk can hear voices of guards outside of jail, not make out words. Horse whinny.

"Quiet that beastie down. The owner is probably--"

"Who's in mah stable?!" Another voice come from outside, other side of barn.

Serd roll eyes. "Always something. C'mon, keep her quiet."

Horse still scared. Other horse make noise too. "Horses not like Kronk."

Serd stop moment, then get look in eyes. Kronk seen look before.

"C'mon, who is n'there, messin' with my animals?"

"Well," Serd say, "if they really haven't taken a shine to you...perhaps we should let them go."

Kronk frown. "What?"

"If'n you don't come out on three," man outside say, "I'm comin' in there with'n mah axe!!"

Serd make gesture with hand. "C'mon," he whisper, "untie him!" He move to other horse, unties harness from center post.


Kronk untie horse. "What Serd going to--"


"Just do it!" Serd say. He begin muttering some words under breath.

"Feldspar, what's going on?" come voice of guard with mustache. "Is there someone inside your stable?" Horses become quiet, stare at Serd. He keep muttering.

"There is, and I'm fixin' to go in right now! THREE!!"

Serd smack both horses on behind, and horses run out, making loud horse sounds.

"What the --?"

"Rolf, Faelar!" guard say. "Get over here!"

Serd point at corner. We both dive into pile of hay, Serd mumble something, touch Kronk, and guard with mustache carrying torch look inside. "Were they inside the..."

Old halfing man with axe come in beside guard. "Well of course they ain't in here now!! You just saw 'em run off on with my prize horses, same as I did!"

Guard shine torch in our corner. Look at us, then slide by. "I guess it was them."

Halfling snarl. "I swear, if you want to put 'em in jail you'd better catch 'em first, 'cause I'm gonna feed their sorry carcasses to the PIGS when I get hold of 'em!" He stomp off.

We hear voice of Faelar, other human guard, outside. "Was that the jailbreakers on the horses?"

"Yeah. Which way did they head?"

"They took the south road. Are you it sure it was them? In the dark I couldn't get a good look at the riders..."

Guard turn out of doorway. "It was them. Make sure the whole roster is woken up and have them gather their horses at the south road. We ride in ten minutes. You and Ivor and couple of the others sweep the woods on the north and west edges, but I bet we'll find them on the south road. Is Ivellios still knocked out?"

"We have him propped in a chair. He'll be okay, but he won't be giving orders for a few hours."

"Exactly why I'm doing it. Send someone into Everlund, have them wake up Mensh'ir and get us a regiment of city guards to follow our posse." He spat. "These bastards knocked out Ivellios. I want 'em found by sunrise."

We hear them leave. We stay quiet for few minutes. Kronk can't see Serd.

"Well," Serd say, "I guess they're gone," and suddenly Kronk see Serd next to him. "And that's the end of the invisibilty spell. Nice to know I still hold the record for fastest casting time in the entire North."

"They not see us?"

"Of course not. They saw us riding off on the horses. Remarkable what a silent image and a touch of animal suggestion can do." He bow and gesture at door. "Shall we be off?"

"Where we go?"

"Well, if nearly all the guards in town are looking for us in the south, I'd say we're best off heading north into the Silverwood, wouldn't you agree?" Serd walk out door, staying in shadows.

Current Location: Silverwood
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