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21 Flamerule 1372 (Before dawn) - kronk9
21 Flamerule 1372 (Before dawn)
Much later, we sit outside, backs against wall of some house on other side of village. Or Kronk sit. Serd on hands and knees, throwing up. Kronk try not to smell his sick. Not feel so good either.

Serd finish, wipes face, sits next Kronk. "Ugghh, every time....every time, I always tell myself I'll learn to be wary of the gnomeshine. And still I ain't learned better." He have couple cuts on arm up near shoulder, bruise on face. Look bad as Kronk feel. Kronk have black eye, cut on hand. Maybe it make new scar.

It warm night. Moon bright, only a few stars. We sit quiet for while. Serd start to chuckle.

"Young Drake hasn't changed since his fourteenth birthday. Still thinks his daddy owns the world and he'll inherit it. Never did like reeducation by someone's fist."

"Not just Serd's fist."

"Aye, I noticed too. Once things started, everyone in the bar turned on him and his friends."

He rub bruise. "Got to give the lad credit, though, he landed one lucky punch."

Kronk snort. "That not Drake. That his friend."

"The blue-eyed one?"

"No, one with long hair. Blue-eyed one leave friends behind."

"Really? When did that happen?"

"After Kronk knock out long haired one." I rub fist, start to laugh. "One punch."

"And then the other one ran off? Well, that's Drake for you. He's got the best friends money can buy." Now we both laugh for long time.

Serd sigh after while. "And on top of that...the dumb bastard doesn't even know when someone's lifting his blade." He pull out silver sword Drake was carrying, look at it.

Kronk snort again. "Great weapon."

"Tch. You'd be better off fightin' with a toothpick. Worth some coin, though."

"Hope it not engraved with Drake's name."

"I know people who will pay, whatever he's had carved on it. Anyway, whatever I get...it was worth the look on the lad's face when he went for it and came up empty handed." We laugh again.

Stop laughing after while. "He not forget about this."

"We'll likely have to deal with him someday." Serd shrug. "But not today."

We quiet for time. "I suppose we ought to give Wulgar something for tearing up his pub," Serd say.

"Wulgar fight Drake with everyone else. He like it. Jaree not happy with us, though."


"Throw beer at Kronk when we leave."

"She's just thinking about the repair bill. She'll get over it soon enough, if we offer to help."

"I think she mad at you."

"Probably is. Probably I deserve it. She liked me and I trashed her bar." Not say anything for moment. "Still, I'm doing better with her than you did with Thralia."

I get quiet. "Kronk not want talk about that."

"Come on. You haven't told me what happened."

"Kronk tell."

"You told me what you did. You never explained why."

"Serd not understand."

"Oh, really?"


Serd looking at Kronk. Kronk not say anything. Then he nod.

"Well, I suppose that's alright. No need to talk about it." He smile. "I'll just write a song about your adventures instead."

"Write song?"

"Sure, I'm a farking bard, I can write a song about you easy. Yes, I think I'll call it 'The Lonely Half-Orc'."

Kronk shake head. "No."

Serd start to sing.

T'was in the town of Everlund, in the merry month of Mirtul,
With a fair young elf, and a strong half-orc who was slower than a turtle.

"Shut up." Serd have good voice when he feel like it. He keep singing.

Now this fair elf had honeyed hair and eyes sweeter than sugar,
But the half-orc flicked her love away as if were a booger.

Kronk stand up. "Shut up!!"

"What, you don't like my song?"


"Ahh, you wound me, casting aspersions upon my talent." He sigh. "Alas, I create out of love, and no one appreciates me work. May as well not sing at all."

Serd have good voice. "No...that not it...don't...not sing."

He still on ground. "Why'd you do it, Kronk?"

Kronk not say anything. Then sit back on ground. "Why she like Kronk? Why she want ugly half-orc?"

"She apparently didn't think you were ugly."

"She wrong." Shake head. "Thralia is...she look better...better than anyone Kronk ever see. And she talk better, and know more things, and is funnier and...and she travel with lots of people, elves and half-elves and humans and gnomes. All people who look better and smarter and...and have more coin...and Kronk not have anything."

Kronk sigh. "Thralia not need Kronk. I not understand why she like Kronk. Maybe she just want...fling...with dumb half-orc." Shake head. "She not need Kronk."

Serd quiet for a while. Then he start to chuckle.

"What so funny?"

"You are." He start laughing hard.

"Am not."

"Oh, yes you certainly are. Criminy, you're as bad as Drizzt!"


"You know how he is. Every time we meet wonderful Drizzt Do'Urden, he's all "Oh, people misunderstand the drow," and "Oh, my father died to protect me," and "Oh, how I pine for Cattie-brie, but my elven lifespan would be cruel to her human heart." Sad bastard never stops whining. I mean, for chrissakes, if you're as unhappy as all that, just run your blade though your heart and be done with it. But no, he has to share his pain with the whole wide world. Ye gods, what a moper..."

Kronk quiet now. "Kronk not as bad as Drizzt."

"Maybe not, but you come close. Refusing Thralia out of honor. You are a laugh, my friend."

"Knew Serd wouldn't understand."

"And why would that be?"

"Because Serd...Serd is..."

"What, because I'll bed anything with two legs and a fair young face? Certainly I do that. I've shared pleasure with any number of fine ladies who were looking for an evening or two of fun. For that matter so have you."

"Thralia different."


"Because--" Kronk shake head. "Because all those girls, they were...just people along the way. They not much better off than Kronk. Thralia have more."

"Now there's a pleasant attitude to take. So all those women we've met along the way...they were just throwaways for you? How nice for them."

"NO!! Well...maybe." Put face in hands. "Kronk not know anymore..."

We quiet for while. Then Serd talk, voice soft. "You really are a fool, Kronk. More impressive than I realized." He turn to Kronk. "Do you truly think Thralia's that shallow? That all she cares about is getting her jollies with any barbarian that comes along? And that you aren't worthy of her, that you'd just cheapen her bedchamber?"

He sigh. "Look, I don't know why she took a liking to you. I wouldn't claim to understand the mind of Thralia, but if she did like you...I guarantee it had nothing to do with her just getting a piece of rough trade for the evening. She's an elf; she's far older than you, or me for that matter. She can look after herself. Thralia doesn't choose her partners on a whim. She must have genuinely liked something about you."

Shake head. "She not know Kronk. Kronk not good for anything."

Serd quiet for minute. Then tilt back head, start to chuckle again.

"Ohhh...so that's it. Now I get it."

"Get what?"

"Get what this is about. This isn't about Thralia. This is all about you." He stop chuckling, just smile. "Your parents only had you to obtain an heir. And then when they got Ugurth, they shunted you aside. And now you can't imagine that anyone would actually care about you. Anybody who likes you must only see you as a means to an end. That's what you think, isn't it?"

Kronk try to say no. But...there something in what Serd say. Kronk not say anything.

After while Kronk speak. "What about you?"

"What d'you mean?"

"Serd say he want Thralia, too. Why Serd not ever..."

He shrug. "You'd have to ask Thralia."

"She not like Serd?"

"Oh, I think she likes me well enough...or at least doesn't dislike me that much. But...being a high-ranking Harper like her and liking me right now...well, it gets complicated. Things never happened between us. Maybe she's just avoiding trouble."

"But she like Kronk?"

"You don't have the High Harpers clamoring for your hide."

Kronk nod. We quiet for while longer.

"So what can Kronk do?"

He shrug. "Probably nothing, now. Elvenkind are proud creatures, sun elves prouder, and Thralia proudest of all. You've wounded her, and now...elves live a long time. We'll likely both be on another plane before her heart has begun to mend."

"So...that's it?"

"Afraid so. You've made a mistake, and I doubt you can fix it now. Better to simply move on, greet the new day...and make an entirely new mistake with someone else."

"Kronk feel pretty bad."

"It would be strange if you felt otherwise."



We both quiet again.

"So what now?" I say after while.

"I don't know. You say Ugurth is on his way to Olostin's Hold?"


"Well, perhaps we should pay him a visit." He pick up his sword. "I don't much fancy him threatening the life of my friend...especially one who now owes me four thousand gold."

"Kronk only owe three thousand!"

"I'm adding the jail break to your tab. I paid a thousand for the wand."

"Thousand gold for empty healing wand?"

He shrug. "A poor business decision. Haste was of the essence."

Kronk stand up. "Thralia might be there. She still mad. Kronk not..." I shrug.

"You might see her again, true enough. And likely it won't go well. On the other hand...if you're going to make a mistake tomorrow anyway, it might as well be a spectacular one."

We both start to walk. "How we get there?" Kronk ask. "Olostin's Hold is long journey."

Serd smile. "I keep telling you, Kronk: there're no problems, only solutions. Now surely someone in this town will find us a couple steeds..."

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vaudy From: vaudy Date: February 8th, 2007 02:44 pm (UTC) (Link)
Sounds good. Is Serd thinking what I think he's thining about Jaree? Is that even possible between a human and a halfling? Do I need to get my mind out of the gutter?

I will comment on the rest via Yahoo, so we can all discuss.
dandycat From: dandycat Date: February 8th, 2007 08:49 pm (UTC) (Link)
Yes. Yes. No, of course not.

dandycat From: dandycat Date: February 8th, 2007 08:47 pm (UTC) (Link)
nice convo between the two and nice insight into Kronk's personality. Looking forward to your non-game-breaking entrance!!! :)
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