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21 Flamerule 1372 (Midday) - kronk9
21 Flamerule 1372 (Midday)
We could hear sounds of battle on east side of town, towards High Forest.

"Sounds like a ruddy war," Serd say, starting down ridge. "How many Orcs you think Ugurth has with him?"

Kronk shrug. "Not know. From what Durth say, a lot."

"Sounds like. Crimney," he mutter, drawing blade, "nothing like fighting an army." Kronk pull out his axe.

We cross road into forest, moving toward sounds of battle. As we pull to edge of clearing, Kronk now see where sound coming from.

Army is right word. Sixty, seventy orcs advancing across field, blades of axes gleaming. And at far end are maybe twenty people, all kinds, human, elf, gnome, fighting back with any weapon at hand.

"Serd, those people will get killed! They not able to fight this!" Kronk about to ride forward and attack line, when he grab reins of Kronk's horse.

"Wait. Watch." He nod towards fighters. Kronk watch as huge brown thing come out of woods--

"What that thing?"

--brown thing rise three feet over heads of orc soldiers, let out roar, and crash down on three of them, crushing them.

Kronk watch as thing leap towards more orcs. It great brown bear. "That's Qilué, I believe," Serd say, "familiar of Tordrin. I told you, a band of Harpers is more capable against an army than you think."

As orcs try to get away from bear, Kronk realize Serd right. There is gnome shooting lightning from hands, striking enemies down with one hit. Drow woman fights with bastard sword, slicing people in half before moving to next target, and dwarf with two waraxes, knocking down several orcs with one blow. They move like dancers, pretty to watch as clear stream. The drow swings blade against orc in a smooth motion, her face calm, only she not see--

Orc behind her collapse to knees, arrow in back. He was about to swing axe against her. Kronk look where arrow come from and see Gondsman shooting from edge of clearing, operated by gnome. And beside him in tree are two elves, firing two, three arrows at once.

There is air genasi moving around behind front line of defenders, plunging blade into orcs that get through. She move swift and sure, raising blade to strike again, when she stagger backwards. She grab flaming arrow in shoulder and drop sword. More fire arrows rain down on defenders. Distracted, they start to fall back.

"Not good," Serd say. "The orcs are going to surround them if they can't get out from under the artillery."

Serd right. Ends of orc line start advancing, cutting defenders off from woods. Trying to dodge arrows, Harpers let orcs surround them. Battlefield gets confusing to watch. Kronk not sure who is who. And then I see her.

Thralia. She fighting with rapier, taking on two orcs at once. Kronk not know she could fight so well. Even with blades in hand...she beautiful.

But orcs are surrounding her like everyone else. It all be over soon. Kronk start to ride towards orc line, ready to attack line from behind, when he hear Serd's voice.

"Wait!" He point to line of boulders, on hill to right. Flaming arrows come from behind them. "The artillery unit. They must have been waiting for the orc line to get close enough."

They only fifty yards away. Kronk change direction, ride toward hill. "Come on. We can get behind them."


We ride behind hill, working way towards spot with orc artillery. Try not to be seen. Kronk see way into their hiding spot. Signal Serd. We get off horses, creep towards them.

Kronk can hear someone talking in orcish.

"Plan is stupid. Our army strong, not need babies hiding in hills, flinging arrows at people."

"This is Ugurth's plan," say second voice. "He made it when he realized the Harpers were here. It's a good plan, and we follow it."

"Harpers not seem so dangerous to me. And where is our great leader? Where is Ugurth?"

Kronk step out from behind rock, bring axe down on head of orc. Second orc look up in surprise.

Kronk smile at him. "Yes...where IS Ugurth?"

Other orc pick up sword, make noise. Five other orcs behind him rush towards Kronk, but they surprised by noise behind them.

"Death from above!"

Serd leap over top of hill, sword drawn...and fall on face behind last orc.

Orcs not know what to do for moment. Kronk not sure either. Serd pick himself up and shake head.


While orcs still standing there, Kronk knock two over with axe. When other orcs turn back to Kronk, Serd roll over and thrust sword through one closest to him.

With only three orcs left, fight not take long after that. Orc who want to follow Ugurth's orders collapsed on rock, bleeding. Kronk hold someone's sword to his throat. "So...what you saying about Ugurth?"

Orc spit blood, grimmace at Kronk. "That he will crush this sorry little camp...even with some half-blood freak helping these Harpers."

Kronk smash his face with hilt of sword. He wince like a molar had broken. "What he want in Olostin's Hold?"

"Don't know," he grunt. Looks up at us. "It been while since we raided a town for women. Hear they have a good-looking druid in town. Maybe he's looking for a nice, soft half-elf."

His neck make nice snapping sound when Kronk break it. "Ugurth hate soft." His body fall to ground.

"So much for interrogation," Serd said.

Kronk turn to Serd. "We still not know what's going on. Ugurth here somewhere."

"Likely. But where would he be?"

"Not know."

"Well, in the meantime, let's help the others clean up," he say, nodding towards main battle. We get horses, work around to edge of battlefield.

Kronk look at Serd. "Did Serd trip on face on purpose? Distract others?"

"Would you believe me if I said yes?"


He smile. "Well then it doesn't matter much, does it?"

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dandycat From: dandycat Date: June 1st, 2007 03:48 pm (UTC) (Link)
Meree, the sorceress, is a gnome.

Miri, the drow cleric/sword dancer, uses a single bastard sword.

Falco dual-wields dwarven waraxes.

Ariadne tends to float above her targets. She also uses a greatsword.

I like what you've done here and I also like the edits you made to the previous post. Was Kronk's mother a druid?
dandycat From: dandycat Date: June 10th, 2008 04:06 pm (UTC) (Link)
Kronk watch as thing leap towards more orcs. It great brown bear. "That's Quile, I believe," Serd say, "familiar of Tordrin. I told you, a band of Harpers is more capable against an army than you think."

Qilué is the bear's name.
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