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21 Flamerule 1372 - kronk9
21 Flamerule 1372
Without arrows, battle is doing better. The line of orcs is broken up now, Harpers are taking on two or three orcs each. Kronk impressed with how they fight. Drow woman has arrow in side, but she fights like it not there. The Gondsman has collapsed, but the gnome working it is fighting with repeating crossbow.

Serd dismounted his horse. "Dig in, my large friend," he said, pointing at battle.

"Serd not fight?"

"I think I can be of more benefit with this." He open bag of holding, pull out lute. "Go."

Kronk wait moment, then turn into battle. Music come from behind Serd.

Hark, my friends, be brave and true
For long as the summer is long.
Remember well what hearts can do
And let song be heard on song.

Across battlefield, everyone turn to see Serd sing. Orcs not like the sound; they turn to each other with bad looks on faces. Harpers look too, but they seem to get...bigger. Stronger. Like they can fight more, and those who are hurt in less pain. Kronk feel it, too. An orc, still staring at Serd, goes down under my axe.

That when Kronk see her again. Thralia watch Serd, then turn to me. Her eyes are like ice in winter river, clear but cold.

Before Kronk can do anything, other orcs realize what is happening, return to battle. Thralia dodge axe of orc she was fighting. Kronk battling from horse when it make noise, collapse under me. Some orc shot it in neck. He attack Kronk as I fall off.

Oh, raise your sheilds and draw your swords
And make your sabers rattle
Forget not: to harvest peace's rewards
One must plow the fields of battle.

Kronk manage to kill orc. Now I try to fight with injured leg. Not easy going: other orcs decide to gang up on us. They surround gnome woman, but she bring down lightening from sky. Thralia is fighting tall orc with one eye missing. She hit his knee, and he go down. She about to deliver death stroke. But there is other orc behind her, with hump, sword gleaming, she not see him--


Tis' true that when'ere blade hits blade
That death, she is no stranger...

There is orc between Kronk and Thralia; Kronk kill him, jump over body before it hit ground, swing axe towards humpback orc...Thralia slash one-eyed orc in half...humpback thrust sword at Thralia, going to hit her in side...but she spin around, and his blade cut her leg...Thralia cry out...Kronk bring axe down on humpback...he groan in surprise...and in same instant, Thralia runs her blade through humpback's heart.

He look at us with unseeing eyes, hanging from our blades.

But raise your voice through hill and glade
And fear not in the face of danger.

We both look at each other for moment. Then she pull her blade from humpbacked orc. He collapse in heap.

"What are you doing here?"

Kronk not know what to say. "Here...to help...Thralia..."

She narrow eyes. Kronk is idiot. Finally, she gesture with her sword. "Well...get to work then." And turn to help Drow woman.

Battle continues. There not many orcs left when Serd stop singing.

And forget not: when battle's done
and you clean your blade once more
Remember: give thanks for what you've won
To those who've fought bef--URRGHH!

Everyone turn to Serd. He on ground, lute broken beside him, holding arm. An orc with helmet is climbing on Serd's horse...going to ride away...something familiar about that orc...

"Stop him!" Kronk shout. Serd manage to reach up, grab loose rein of horse. It buck, throw off orc with helmet. He start to run away, but Kronk already halfway there. Orc not get far before Kronk on top of him.

"Kronk say stop!" We fall to ground, wrestle, and I manage to get off his helmet. But he fast; he hit Kronk on jaw, make me see stars. Kronk pull away, and he stand up, he's getting away--

"I believe the man said stop," come Serd's voice.

Kronk look up. Serd, Thralia, and most other Harpers now surround us, swords drawn. Other orc stop, look at them, then turn to Kronk.

He smile. "Well played, my brother."

Current Location: Field outside Olostin's Hold
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dandycat From: dandycat Date: June 10th, 2008 03:59 pm (UTC) (Link)
The date needs to be changed here, but you knew that.

21 Flamerule, 1372 - Midafternoon
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