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First Day of Flamerule, 1372 DR - kronk9
First Day of Flamerule, 1372 DR
Bunnies. That's what I remember. Fluffy bunnies. Kronk likes fluffy bunnies.

Kronk like them most medium rare, with light honey glaze.

That's what I was doing when they caught me. Making dinner. It not Kronk's fault town was on fire. Town on fire when Kronk get there!! I was just taking advantage of fire! But they locked Kronk up anyway. Lots of people angry about burning town. Said big bad half-orc must be why Rivermoot on fire. Lock Kronk up again. I had to wait until they say it not Kronk's fault. Say some farmer's goat kicked over lantern. That was what the mayor said, and the constable agree. But nobody else believed them. Kronk not do anything, but everyone in town look at me with angry faces when I let out of gaol. It okay. Kronk get angry faces all the time.

Whole thing silly anyway. Whole town is on water. I mean, town was called Rivermoot! 'River' is right in the farking name!! You ever see a river catch fire?

Well, actually, Kronk see that before. I saw burning river once with Serd. Orc army from Lands Against The Wall poured oil on the river at Frostrill, lit it on fire. It looked scary. Orcs want to know why I was fighting them. But orcs never give Kronk any reason to love them. They tell Kronk he half-breed from day he was born, then try to kill him when they not need him anymore.

That was when I left. Many winters ago. And then I met Serd. Serd is pretty tough for a human. He knows a lot about fighting and war. He took Kronk along with him when Kronk could not stay in Lands Against The Wall any longer. We went all over Silver Marches, and he taught me how to fight and how to battle. Of course, the orcs taught me a lot already. Serd say I teach him a few things, too.

We go wherever fighters were needed, lived on money we made. It was fun. But the money never lasted very long. And we not fight for just anyone who would pay us. Not that we cared about law; law is just what protects people who can't protect themselves. But some people who can't protect selves not protected by law either. So we break law. Stole from people who have too much money anyway. Or maybe because it was fun. Serd say he not doing it to get rich. Kronk not want to get rich, either. Kronk happy fighting.

So we go everywhere, even down to Waterdeep. In Beliard, we steal from someone bad. Not king of town, but very powerful. Serd liked his ale; that night he have a little too much. So they catch him. Bad man want what we stole back; we couldn't, we already gave it away. Powerful bad man want Serd dead, try to kill him in gaol. I never let that happen. So Kronk break Serd out in the dark. We ran. But bad man hired people to chase us. Serd tell Kronk we split up -- they not catch us that way. Kronk not want to leave, but Serd tell me I must go. Says he has nothing else to teach me anyway.

So I went back north. Up North of Evermoors. Towards Rivermoot. You already know rest of story.

Kronk like fluffy bunnies.
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