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18 Flamerule 1372 - kronk9
18 Flamerule 1372
Evermoor Way is hard road all the time. Melting snow just make it hard and mushy. Eight days to get to Everlund on hard, mushy road.

Serd leave when we cross River Dessarin. He head towards setting sun, say men from Beliard still behind us. It better if we split up. Kronk not want to split up. Kronk not like leaving people behind. But he was right, we get farther apart. Serd can handle himself okay.

So Kronk go north, go wide around Noanar's Hold. Have problems there before: people there like hunting Orc for sport. Kronk half-orc, but they not care. Kronk captured, set loose in High Forest with only one knife. Eight people with swords and longbows chase me through woods. One week later, only one of us come out.

Kronk only kill when he have to.

After Noanar's Hold, I feel like someone following me, but I can't tell who. Not people from Beliard, Kronk know he lost them. Maybe Kronk imagining it.

It take a week to get to Olostin's Hold, another day to Everlund. By that time, Kronk have no more gold. I look for work, start talking to taverns and shopkeeps. Many places like having big, mean half-orc around, throw out people who drink too much, or sing too much, or fight too much. Sometimes places give Kronk warm room. Sometimes they give free reeb. Sometimes reeb better than room -- when Kronk drunk, he not care so much how cold it is.

Owner of Friendly Dwarf is not dwarf. Not friendly, either. Instead, he's big fat human -- maybe weigh as much as Kronk. "I don't need any bouncer. Me clientele is very high-class, they never give me any trouble."

Kronk looks into room, sees four elves with light face and dark hair, dancing on tables. One grabs barmaid's rear, then pulls her into his lap. I look back at owner. "Not look high class to Kronk."

Owner scowled. "Aye, they're a bit rowdy now. But we've got some bards coming in, playing a big show tonight, and they'll settle right down."

I never see crowd get quiet for music making people. I frown. "You not hire Kronk?"

He crossed his arms, rested them on his big belly. "We're not hiring. Now move it along, you lummox. I don't want you scaring away me customers."

I turn to leave and see more more elves approaching, male and female. Some look like elves inside. But one, she have skin like bronze, hair like gold. She pretty. They all cary music making things: things you blow through, things with strings.

Elf with gold hair approaches fat man. "Hello," she say, and put out hand. "I'm Thralia Ma'freyja, and this is my band, Sun & Moon. We're here to perform tonight."

Fat owner act very different to her. "Oh, yes, I've heard so much about you young lady, we are just thrilled to have ye perform tonight. Yer just going to love it here, I promise you..."

She still smile, but look inside pub. "And what are you doing about security here?"


"Yes, you know, someone to keep people from getting too rowdy, that sort of thing?" She points into bar. "It seems as if whoever you have must be in the privy right now."

Fat owner furrow his brow. "Ah, well, actually this is about all I have...but really, the people we get here, they're a nice bunch..."

"Nonsense. I've seen more dignified behavior at Highharvestide festival. I'm not setting foot in there without some sort of escort." Before owner say anything, gold-hair elf turn to me. "And what's your name, good sir?"


She offerered her hand. "I'm Thralia. Would a big, strapping half-orc like yourself care to accompany a delicate little elven woman like me inside this dreadful pub?" She lowered her eyes at me, batted lashes. I see she wearing little pin with music making thing on it. Serd wear one of those, too.

Kronk not fool. Kronk know gold-haired elf not want ME. Know elf not delicate, either. She just not like owner. But Kronk not like him either. I smile. "Owner not want Kronk inside. Tell Kronk he lummox, to move off."

She smile broadly. "Well, I'm sure he might change his mind if he knew you were my personal bodyguard, don't you think so?"

Fat owner began to splutter. "Now, wait a bloody minute--"

"It's like this," she say to him, voice now hard. "Either I go in there with him, or you'll have to find a new act to perform tonight." And she go right in, me behind her.


Guarding body pretty easy job. Thralia nice to Kronk. Of course, she not going to share bed with Kronk. Kronk know that. Kronk can find nice barmaid for that. But not many people nice to Kronk, not pretty one, not one who paying him for job.

She leave place in back of bar where they setting up stage, and another woman elf come near her. I knock her down.


"Hey, yourself," I say. "No rushing bard-lady."

Thralia tap me on shoulder. "I know this troublemaker, Kronk. It's okay. Help her up, willya?"

I offer hand to elf lady. Light skin, nice clothes.

She and Thralia start to talk, when other elf lady pull woman with veiled face towards them.

This time I pull her off feet. "Veil not fool me, drow!" Drows never good news.

She pretty strong for girl. "Unhand me, you brute!"

"Brute," I think to self. "Kronk not been called THAT today."

Elf lady turn to Thralia. "She's not one of those drow. Lia, could you-"

Thalia nod. "Drop her, Kronk."

I turn to her. "But-"

"She's a good drow, like Drizzt. Only probably not as whiny. Remember Drizzt?"

Kronk met Drizzt couple times. He WAS whiny. But okay. "Yeah." I drop drow. She get up fast.

Thralia smile at me. "Kronk, you can make an appointment with one of the ladies if you like. I should be safe with Seledra for a while."

Kronk go to back room. Felt like I lost something. Before I can think what, human lady come and take Kronk's arm. "Oh, an orc..." she say. "Is it true what they say about...you know..."

I smile. "It true."


Later, Thralia play music. Kronk have to keep people from getting on stage, but it not too bad. Thralia have nice voice. Sing like breeze in Kythorn.

After show, Thralia and other elves in band go up to fat owner. Kronk watching other people as they leave bar, but pretty soon hear her argue with fat owner.

"What do you mean, we didn't meet the agreement?"

"I mean ye didn't," he said. "The agreement was very simple. If ye get a hunnerd people to show up, I pay you two-hunnerd gold."

"And how many people did show up?"

"Ninety-nine. I counted."

"Ninety-nine people? You could fit twice that many in here! This place was packed!"

Fat owner just shakes his head.

One of the other elves in band speaks up. "We need that money to get back to Silverymoon!" Thralia was about to cry.

"Ye had ninety-nine people in here. One person short. You get nothin'." That did it. Fat owner not like being held against wall by big half-orc, but that where he was moment later.

"Kronk!" Thralia's voice came from behind me.

I grunted, then went for my coinpouch. It not there. I growl again, Thralia's voice warned me again. I turn to her. "Give Kronk two silver coin."


"Give Kronk two silver coin!"

She did. I put them in owner's hand. "Look at that. One more person pay to get in. Now how many people come?"

His voice sound funny. "I--I--I guess I miscounted..."

I smile. "Thought so." Kronk set fat owner down.


Someone stole Kronk's coinpouch. Not good. Kronk not let people get away with that. It was that drow girl. Had to be. Felt it when she did it, didn't recognize it. She must be good.

When Thralia and other elves go to bed, Kronk go out. Drow girl not upstairs. Kronk see her sneak out while music playing.

I walk around Everlund. Moon was low in sky. Not many people out. But I felt someone else there.

I keep looking down at docks by river. Dark buildings, no one around. Someone definitely behind Kronk.

I duck around corner, wait. Nothing. Keep waiting. Nothing.

Then someone goes by, looking around. I grab from behind.

It not drow girl. Someone big. Half-orc, like me. I force him to wall, spin him around. He smiles, not friendly.


"Durth." I step back. "You should be dead."

"Oh no. Not dead at all." His smile get uglier. "But that how Ugurth wants you."

"You still lick his boots?"

"You don't know at all, do you? Ugurth has army now. His power grows. More than you can imagine."

I smile. "King Obould not stand for that."

Durth shook head. "Old ways are dying. Ugurth will put tribes together. He already waits, west of Evermoors."

"YOU were following me."

He laughed. "Oh, yes. Durth know who sharpens his sword. I was scouting land when I see you. Your brother want man who left him for dead. If I find him, Ugurth will be...grateful."

"Kronk not leave him behind. We offer to take him. He say he won't go with half-breed."

"So many stories," he sneered. "Not matter to me. He will reward me to bring you to him."

I hit him in stomach. He double over. "You can't make Kronk go." I turn and leave him.

Durth start to laugh. "So what? Your trail not hard to follow. Even if you tell constable about me, they let Durth go. Not against law to follow you. If I tell Ugurth you here, he will come in a day. He want you dead. He kill anyone to get you. He kill others to make you hurt."

I stop. I think of Thralia. Thralia nice to Kronk.

"He even kill that gold-hair elf."

I turn and grab lift him off ground. "If you tell him."

I shove knife into his chest, hold him as he gasps. His eyes roll back in head.

Kronk only kill when he have to.

Current Mood: wary

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ralenthra From: ralenthra Date: November 16th, 2006 04:04 pm (UTC) (Link)
I just realized that there's a continuity problem. In Seledra's post, Thralia tells Seledra that "the ladies here rarely charge him as it is." If they both only just got there, and they only just met, how would she know that?
seledra_nailo From: seledra_nailo Date: November 16th, 2006 06:31 pm (UTC) (Link)
She also knows about him meeting Drizzt. Here's what we may be able to chalk it up to:

Kronk's association with Serd. According to our continuity, Serd was a Harper. So is Thralia. She may know Serd and she also may have heard of Kronk either through Serd or by reputation. Harpers are great information gatherers. It may be possible to explore that possibility in a later post to explore that angle further via a conversation with Thralia. For all we know, Thralia may have been on the lookout for Kronk.
ralenthra From: ralenthra Date: November 16th, 2006 09:27 pm (UTC) (Link)
That makes sense. (Anything's possible in role playing, huh?)

That was the only other thing I had a question on, so I think it looks good.
seledra_nailo From: seledra_nailo Date: November 16th, 2006 09:48 pm (UTC) (Link)
I guess that makes it unanimous. :)

Looking forward to your post!
kronk9 From: kronk9 Date: November 16th, 2006 11:18 pm (UTC) (Link)
(I'll stick in something about how Thralia knows Kronk's rep through Serd. I'll post it later tonight.)

(BTW, I thought all of these comments are supposed to be IC - in character? We ought to establish a protocol for In/Out Of Character...)

seledra_nailo From: seledra_nailo Date: November 16th, 2006 11:24 pm (UTC) (Link)
(Good point. I'll vote for parentheses use when talking out of character. Perhaps we should try to limit our OOC comments to the "personal" journals and have only IC comments in thr community journal. Thoughts, anyone?)
ralenthra From: ralenthra Date: November 17th, 2006 05:18 am (UTC) (Link)
(Isn't that what I suggested in one of the emails? OOC in personal journals, IC in comm? Or we could comment from our our other usernames for OOC.)
seledra_nailo From: seledra_nailo Date: November 17th, 2006 02:28 pm (UTC) (Link)
Aye, I was agreeing with you. Either one seems ok, I think, although option #2 sounds even more organized and efficient than the first option.
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